About us

Dear collector,

Welcome to our website.

We are a Shop, mail order and retail collectibles business in Germany with world wide shipment.

Following many years as avid collectors, we founded the business in 1979 in a relatively small area of the premises at Walsroder Str. 41. We rented further space in the building in 1981 as our collection continued to grow and room available became inadequate for our needs. Our retailing operation continued to grow taking up the buildings entire first floor, while administration, accounts, and dispatch moved to the top floor. In the meantime, a further retailing operation and warehouse was opened in Lauenbrück, Germany. 1996 saw the launch of the companys website which is available to all at this address. By 1999 the space available had again become inadequate and we acquired the building next door, number 43. Following an extremely short period of renovation, we moved a section of our retailing operation into the building on 01.04.2000. The entire building are now used for the retailing operation. Administration and account dispatch in a wing.

In 2012, I took over the paternal company.

Thank you for your interest and I hope that you have lots of success thumbing through our website

Saskia Radtke-Stephan

You find our address and phone numbers on the page "Impressum".